DIY or DIE | The Music Industry Squeeze

DIY or DIE | The Music Industry Squeeze

NearbyPasturesByGearCroppedIn a world of consumerism, where one’s utility is a function (or equation) of one’s income and the products x,y,etc that one is willing and able to consume, it is easy to only support the products most advertised to us.

But think about what that advertisement does?

Who made it?

How much money did they spend to produce that ad?

Think about what that advertisement does not- open your mind to the millions of possibilities to support local business.

Local business that faces the advertisers as competitors.

For artists such as Spencer Simmons, a self-made musician, a chasm separates him from his dream of making money from what he loves to do.

The soothing yet intricate guitar strings have been Spencer’s muse since he was a child.

However, on his journey to being a respectable name in the music industry, he has noticed that without major starting funds, promoting an album effectively to a large audience is almost impossible.

Musicians and all artists are in greater need of support of their dream, or else their creative soul dies in pursuit of financial security, Spencer Simmons calls it, “DIY OR DIE!”

“Well I think the industry had changed a lot. Artists really are responsible for creating their success all on their own. We have so many tools at our disposal to make our visions come to life, and then it’s up to us to market and build a name for ourselves. It’s much more available to everyone, raising the bar for every artist who’s trying to stand out.”

Simmons’s drive to DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, has been the underlining theme for not only his Debut, I Just Have Something In My Eye, but the entire Generation Y.

I was really inspired by the idea of troubled youth and dysfunctional relationships, so the album is pretty bummed out. I guess you could say it’s an album about growing up and learning the hard way.”

Simmons continues to bring inspiration to execution, without any specific steps unlike most easy DIY projects, “Every song is different in terms of where the inspiration starts. I could get an idea for a song:

–From something I played on the guitar

–From an idea of a melody along with a couple words

–Sometimes even just the thought of a cool title

I usually try to get a pretty good idea of the structure of the song first, then a demo, then archive.”

“Some songs write themselves in a matter of minutes, some I have to put away for a while and revisit later.” Simmons describes his full creative process, but then follows saying that he’s “not in any place to offer advice?”

Anyone of any credentials can offer advice, it is up to the listener to listen.

“But I guess it would be to write as much as you can, and try to tour as fast as you can. Reach out, promote, make friends with other bands, and do the best you can with what you have.” Simmons suggests as a way to break off in full sprint.

Beautiful artists are out there, go find them!


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