DIY Series: Everyone is an Artist!

DIY Series: Everyone is an Artist!

By Constance Tiffany Kell

Our intention is to celebrate the opportunity for everyone to play, explore, and learn about art and expand the limits of one’s own creativity!

Through our Do-it-yourself, or DIY series of blog posts, you can begin simple craft projects at home that can liven up any situation. Then, take your new-found definition of yourself as an Artist to expand your knowledge in a fun and welcoming setting through workshops held in your local area.

To begin the series, we will learn how to spice up DIY hats and ballet shoes.

Necessary Things:

  • Fedora: Find this at a local thrift shop. Make sure it has a slot on the side for feathers/ pendants
  • Headband: Try out different colors!
  • Feathers: Get as many colors as you wish. I used white, red, and yellow, but nothing has to match! Use your creativity to find what looks best for you!
  • Fake Flowers: I would recommend real flowers, but they tend to not last as long as I wish. You can get some from a local Hirons Pharmacy. I bought two different kinds, so think about mix and matching!
  • Safety Pin: Always needed for extra security

DIY: How to decorate a Hat perfect for the 2014 Kentucky Derby!

Step 1: Gather your items needed. Go to the local thrift shop to find the things you need, they can usually provide you with most of these items!

Step 2: Place the headband right above the brim of the hat. Make sure it doesn’t suffocate your hat and force it to lose its shape.

Step 3: Layer the feathers on top of each other, and push them into the feather holder in your hat ALL AT ONCE. This way, no feathers get ruffled or torn up

Step 4: Prepare your flowers. Usually they pop off at each joint, so if you get a little bushel, you can slide it into the feather holder as well. In order to attach the daisy, you need to cut the stem off pretty short, but still leave enough room to make a hole.

Step 5: Pierce the stem of the fake Daisy with the safety pin and go through the headband as well. Be careful when closing so as to not poke yourself! Ask a parent or guardian to help you with this part if needed!

There you have it! A perfect 2014 Kentucky Derby Hat


In case you weren’t sure what to do with those annoying long ties that come with a pair of ballet flats, let your creativity help you!

Things you need:

  • Nothing but a pair of ballet shoes with stretchy ties.
  • Scissors (with permission from parent or guardian of course!)

How to Fashion a Comfortable Ballet Shoe

Step 1: Put on the shoe. Measure around ankle so it is still loose enough to stretch the ties and slide your foot out. Tie the ankle strap into a knot and cut the excess.

Step 2: Pull the straps near your toes tightly so the band feels snug but not suffocating the foot from cutting off blood flow. Knot the ties, single or double square knot, your choice!

Step 3: Take the long strands and wrap them over the top, then underneath the ankle strap. Tie them in a square knot in a place that tightens the ankle strap down but again, does not cut off circulation.

Step 4: Make a beautiful butterfly knot. Or just tie your shoes and cut off the excess.


Now everyone can go to the ballet and other dance workshops coming up this August with creatively styled slippers! Everyone can be an Artist!

Artists local to you offer workshops for dancers at every level!

There are so many options! No need to worry, any option will let you be in wonderful company while learning, creating, and growing!

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