Senior Project: Parallels


This Screendance called Parallels is a collaboration research project diving into the parallels between spoken word and dance on a variety of dimensions. Featuring songs, poems and spoken word by Tupac Shakur read by Joseph Allen

Link To Video:

Senior Project Proposal

I have a growing interest in the parallels between the rhythm of speech and dance.


Research question: Do the forms of hip hop dance and rap parallel each other? How do these forms differ?


I will research the differences between the accents of hip hop dance vocabulary and rap vocabulary. I will do this through collaborating with and interviewing an upcoming rap artist, Lee Rice who will provide a rap from which I will stem the timing of the movements.


My research during these collaborations will be discussed in journal entries where I reflect on the schematics, problems, and solutions that arise. I will also recite a poem of my own called “Every Definition is Fluid Except for Physics.” I intend to show how the usage of spoken word has much of the same elements to play with as hip hop dance.

Order of Elements

-unrecognizable music, Dance while reciting poem

-recognizable music, dance with rap

-break in music, morphing dance