Welcome to Winkyville

Welcome to Winkyville

JudithVoss_Photo1Do you have what it takes to get Winky?

  1. Willingness to get Small

Lost in creative imagination and make-believe on a miniature scale

  1. Ability to be Winky

To be open-hearted and feel one’s positive connection to nature and each other

  1. Desire to spread Winky cheer

Making Winkvilles as a mark of uplifting, feel-good, do-good life energy in the larger world

Judith Voss has recaptured her connection to her innocence in play as a child.

Mr. Herschel Winky Wink Winkstophski (named by a former student), Mayor of the original Winkyville in 1995, hopes to make a special appearance at the Winkyville Workshop.

Mr. Winkstophski’s story developed out of the natural materials found within reach into a community that included everything from dwelling huts to a swimming hole. Termed a “no imports” rule.

“We were definitely in the zone of “getting small,” and stayed absorbed in creating Winkyville for several hours. During that time a mythology about Winky and Winkyville and what it means to “Get Small,” and  “Be Winky” began to form.

It sparked a movement that whenever Voss’s students would field trip, family vacation, or simply “Wink Up” whenever one feels it is right.

The intuitive creativity allows one to slow down, enjoy the process in the making, and explain the significance of Winkyville and to spread the cheer of getting small- which can be applied to every dimension of one’s life.

“It is important when gathering natural materials to make a Winkyville that one is mindful about not disturbing or destroying anything, that permission from nature to use an item or object is sought from within one’s heart, and that care is taken to only use what is needed and whenever possible to return what is leftover to the earth.”

With such a creative focus, Judith explains the pressures when she must perform such as at the Wildflower Festival, “It takes time to shake off the cares of the day and to allow for uninterrupted time to be absorbed in an activity that is such a refreshing and reenergizing reprieve from the stressors of daily life.”

Long live the spirit and intention of Winkyville to bring people together in the child’s delight and wonder of the world and one another. May we all continue to find ways to get small and be Winky!

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